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Repository containing Weblate translations
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Habitica / QuestscontentEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

Contains 'The Magical Axolotl', 'The Kraken of Inkomplete', and 'The Call of Octothulu'. Available until JuneAugust 301.
2 months ago
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Habitica / QuestscontentEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

Your battle of wills with the dolphin has left you tired but victorious. With your determination and encouragement, @mewrose, @khdarkwolf, and @confusedcicada pick themselves up and shake off the dolphin’s insidious telepathy. The four of you shield yourselves with a sense of accomplishment in your consistent Dailies, strong Habits, and completed To- Do's until it closes its glowing eyes in silent acknowledgment of your successes. With that, it tumbles back into the bay. As you trade high-fives and congratulations, you notice three eggs wash ashore.<br><br>“Hm, I wonder what we can do with those,” @khdarkwolf muses.
3 months ago
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