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Habitica / QuestscontentChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 3 weeks ago
A Maze of Moss
3 weeks ago
The work clearing overgrowth and moving loose stones taxes you to the limits of your strength. But you divide the work among the team, and place stones in the paths behind you to help you find your way back to the others. The runes you find bolster your strength and determination, too, and in the end the garden doesn't look so neglected at all!<br><br>You convene at the Library as @starsystemic suggested, and find a Magic Potion formula that uses the runes you collected. “This is an unexpected reward for attending to our neglected tasks,” says @jjgame83.<br><br>@QuartzFox agrees, “And that is on top of having a beautiful garden to enjoy with our pets.”<br><br>“Let's start making some a-mazing Mossy Stone Hatching Potions!” says @starsystemic, and everyone joins in happily.
3 weeks ago
You open the gates to the Fortress of Neglect only to be surprised by the moss that has grown all over the statues, rocks and surfaces in the garden. “Oh no, the garden has been neglected for too long!” says @jjgame83.<br><br>“Well, it's never too late to start tending to the garden,” @PixelStormArt says enthusiastically, “but where shall we start tackling the maze of moss?”<br><br>“We can make and follow a plan so we don't get lost,” says @QuartzFox.<br><br>While clearing away the mossy rocks, @starsystemic spots Mars and Capricorn runes hidden underneath. “What are these for? Let's take them back to the Habit City Library to look them up when we're finished.”<br><br>That's assuming you find your way back out of here at all, you think, but don't say aloud.
你打开忽视堡垒的大门,却被花园里的雕像、岩石和表面长满的苔藓吓了一跳。"哦,不,花园已经被忽视太久了!"@jjgame83说。<br><br>"好吧,现在开始打理花园永远不会太晚,"@PixelStormArt 热情地说,"但我们应该从哪里开始解决布满青苔的迷宫呢?"<br><br>"我们可以制定并遵循一个计划,这样我们就不会迷路。"@QuartzFox说。<br><br>在清理青苔的岩石时,@starsystemic 发现了隐藏在岩石下面的火星、摩羯座卢恩符文。"这些是做什么用的?打扫完后,把它们带回习惯城图书馆去查查看。"<br><br>但前提是你能找到离开这里的路。你心中默念,没有大声说出来。
3 weeks ago

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Habitica / QuestscontentChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 4 weeks ago
Unlocks Mossy Stone Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
4 weeks ago
Mossy Stone Hatching Potion
4 weeks ago
Mossy Stones
4 weeks ago
Capricorn Runes
4 weeks ago
Mars Runes
4 weeks ago
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