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Habitica / QuestscontentChinese (Simplified)

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Habitica / QuestscontentChinese (Simplified)

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Unlocks Wind-Up Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
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Wind-Up Hatching Potion
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As you dodge the attacks, you notice something odd: a stripy brass tail sticking out of the robot’s chassis. You plunge a hand amid the grinding gears and pull out… a trembling wind-up tiger cub. It snuggles against your shirt.<br><br>The clockwork robot immediately stops flailing and smiles, its cogs clicking back into place. “Ki-Ki-Kitty! Kitty got in me!”<br><br>“Great!” the Powerful says, blushing. “I’ve been working hard on these wind-up pet potions. I guess I lost track of my new creations. I’ve been missing my ‘Tidy the workshop’ daily a lot lately…”<br><br>You follow the tinkerer and Clankton inside. Parts, tools and potions cover every surface. “Powerful” takes your watch, but hands you a few potions.<br><br>“Take these. Clearly they’ll be safer with you!”
不断躲避攻击,你终于发现了奇怪的地方:一条黄铜色条纹尾巴从机器人的底盘冒出。你将一只手伸入研磨齿轮中,然后一拔……一只发条虎崽瑟瑟发抖,它紧靠着你的衬衫。<br> <br>发条机器人立即停止摆动,露出微笑,它的齿轮咔嗒一声回到原位。 “Ki-Ki-Kitty!Kitty进了我!“<br> <br>“太棒了!”那个叫“强大”的家伙愧疚地说。“ 我一直在努力开发发条宠物药水。但最近,我每日沉迷“整理工作坊”……我想我忘了跟踪新物种的变化。 ” <br> <br>你跟随修补匠和Clankton走入商店。零件,工具和药水到处都是。“强大”拿走了你的手表,递给了你一些药水。<br> <br>“拿着。 显然,他们和你一起更加安全!”
2 weeks ago
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