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Habitica / QuestscontentEnglish (United Kingdom)

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The Ruby SolutionRapport
13 days ago
You finally drive away the the Badgering Bother and hurry into its burrow. At the end of a tunnel, you find its hoard of the faeries’ “Hibernate” To-Dos. The den is otherwise abandoned, except for three eggs that look ready to hatch.
13 days ago
You don the the finned armour and swim to Dilatory as quickly as you can. The merfolk and their mantis shrimp allies have managed to keep the monsters outside the city for the moment, but they are losing. No sooner are you within the castle walls than the horrifying siege descends!
13 days ago
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Habitica / QuestscontentEnglish (United Kingdom)

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Unlocks Ruby Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
a month ago
Ruby Hatching Potion
a month ago
Ruby Gems
a month ago
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