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Committed changes 5 days ago
Fluorite Hatching Potion
6 days ago
Fluorite Elemental
6 days ago
As you do battle, the crystal creature seems more and more distracted by the light show you are creating. “So shiny…” it mutters.<br><br>“Of course!” @nirbhao exclaims. “It must be a fluorite elemental. All they want is light to let them glow. Let’s help it shine.”<br><br>The elemental giggles happily and glows all the brighter as you light up torches and motes of magic. It’s so glad to be shining again that it leads you to a rich deposit of fluorite crystals.<br><br>“This is the perfect ingredient for a new hatching potion,” says @nirbhao. “One which will make our pets as bright as our new fluorescent friend.”
戰鬥開始,這水晶生物似乎總是輕易地被你的燈光秀分散了注意力。 “如此閃亮……”它喃喃自語。 <br> <br>“當然!” @nirbhao驚呼。 “必須是螢石元素。 水晶生物只想要那些能讓它發光的光。“讓我們幫助它發光。 ” <br> <br>你點燃了火炬、魔法碎片,水晶生物愉快地咯咯笑,發出更明亮的光,它很高興能夠再次閃閃發光,為此它沉積出豐富的螢石晶體。<br> <br>@nirbhao說:“這將成為新孵化藥水的理想成分,藥水將使我們的寵物像這位螢石朋友一樣發光。 ”
6 days ago
Unusual minerals are in high demand these days, so you and a few friends have trekked deep into the mines of the Meandering Mountains, in search of exciting ores. It’s a long and boring expedition, until @-Tyr- stumbles over a large rock, sitting right in the middle of the tunnel.<br><br>“This should help brighten things up,” says @nirbhao, before conjuring up an orb of light.<br><br>A warm brightness fills the tunnel, but something odd starts happening to that large rock. Feeding on the magical light, it begins to glow with fluorescent blues, greens and purples. Then it rears upright into a vaguely humanoid shape, complete with glowing red eyes fixed right on you! You jump into action with flashing spells and shining weapons.
最近稀有礦物需求量很大,為此你和幾個朋友前往蜿蜒山脈的礦井深處,尋找令人興奮的稀有礦石。這真是個漫長而枯燥的探險,直到@-Tyr- 偶然發現了一塊大石頭,它就擋在隧道的正中央。 <br><br>“這應該有助於明亮視野。"@nirbhao說,然後召喚出一個魔法光球。 <br><br>暖暖的魔光照亮隧道,但那塊大石頭上開始發生一些奇怪的事情。大石頭吞噬了魔法光,開始煥發出藍、綠、紫色的熒光,緊接著它直立了起來,影影綽綽化為人形,逐漸形成的一雙紅目放出深不可測的光芒,目光緊鎖在你身上!你召喚閃光咒術與拔出閃亮武器,展開行動。
6 days ago
A Bright Fluorite Fright
6 days ago
You burst through the grass, confronting the Veloci-Rapper.<br><br><em>See here, rapper, you’re no quitter,<br>You’re Bad Habits' hardest hitter!<br>Check off your To Do's like a boss,<br>Don’t mourn over one day’s loss!</em><br><br>Filled with renewed confidence, it bounds off to freestyle another day, leaving behind three eggs where it sat.
你從草叢裡跳出來,站在光速rap龍面前。 <br><br><em>看這兒,rapper,你才不能退縮,<br>你要堅持讓壞習慣全部變成泡沫! <br>像個大佬完成todo任務各個擊破,<br>不要在這兒唉聲嘆氣簡直像個慫貨! </em><br><br>rap龍重新充滿了信心,蹦蹦跳跳地開始了新一天的freestyle創作,留下了3個蛋作為給你們的謝禮。
6 days ago
You finally get around to checking your To Do's on a lazy day in Habitica. Bright against your deepest red tasks are a gaggle of vibrant blue sea slugs. You are entranced! Their sapphire colors make your most intimidating tasks look as easy as your best Habits. In a feverish stupor you get to work, tackling one task after the other in a ceaseless frenzy...<br><br>The next thing you know, @LilithofAlfheim is pouring cold water over you. “The NowDo Nudibranchs have been stinging you all over! You need to take a break!”<br><br>Shocked, you see that your skin is as bright red as your To Do list was. "Being productive is one thing," @beffymaroo says, "but you've also got to take care of yourself. Hurry, let's get rid of them!"
在Habitica度過懶散一天的你,總算是說服自己檢查一下你的待辦事項。緊挨著你那深紅的任務的,是一群明亮鮮豔的藍色海兔。你簡直入了迷!那蔚藍的顏色使你最嚇人的任務看起來也像最習以為常一樣簡單。你在一種狂熱的恍惚狀態中開始了工作,不眠不休地解決掉一個又一個任務……<br><br>直到@LilithofAlfheim 朝你潑了一桶冷水,你才醒了過來。“NowDo海兔把你渾身上下都蜇傷了!你得休息一下!”<br><br>你驚訝地發現,自己的皮膚紅得和待辦列表一樣。“高產是一方面,”@beffymaroo 說,“但是你也得照顧自己的身體,趕緊的,弄走這些海兔!”
6 days ago
Help! This giant sea turtle cannot find her way to her nesting beach. She returns there every year to lay her eggs, but this year Inkomplete Bay is filled with toxic Task Flotsam made of red Dailies and unchecked To Do's. "She's thrashing in a panic!" @JessicaChase says.<br><br>@UncommonCriminal nods. "It's because her guiding senses are fogged and confused."<br><br>@Scarabsi grabs your arm. "Can you help clear the Task Flotsam blocking her path? It may be hazardous, but we have to help her!"
救命啊!這隻巨大的海龜找不到回到她造巢的海灘的路了。她每年都回到這裡下蛋,但是今年未完成海灘充滿了由紅色每日任務和未完成的待辦事項構成的有毒的任務漂浮物。@JessicaChase 說道:“她在恐慌中瑟瑟發抖!”<br><br>@UncommonCriminal 嘟噥道:“這是因為她的方向感變得不清晰和混亂。”<br><br>@Scarabsi 鉤住了你的手臂:“你能幫忙清除這些阻擋了她路線的任務漂浮物嗎?這可能是有危險的,但是我們必須幫助她!”
6 days ago
There's a commotion in the marketplace--the kind that should make you run away. Being a courageous adventurer, you run towards it instead, and discover a Basi-list, coalescing from a clump of incomplete To Do's! Nearby Habiticans are paralyzed with fear at the length of the Basi-list, unable to start working. From somewhere in the vicinity, you hear @Arcosine shout: "Quick! Complete your To Do's and Dailies to defang the monster, before someone gets a paper cut!" Strike fast, adventurer, and check something off - but beware! If you leave any Dailies undone, the Basi-list will attack you and your party!
市場裡有騷動——那種會讓人拔腿就跑的那種騷動。但作為一位勇敢的冒險家,你反而衝入其中,結果發現是一隻「清單巨蟒」:由一堆未完成的代辦事項連接而成!附近的Habitica公民因為受到清單巨蟒的長度驚嚇,震懾到無法工作。你聽到@Arcosine 在附近高喊說:「快!在有人找到剪刀之前,完成你的待辦事項和每日任務來拔去它的毒牙!」 快攻擊牠吧,冒險家,並仔細查核——但小心!如果你遺漏了每日任務沒有完成,清單巨蟒將會狠狠咬你和你的隊友一口!
6 days ago
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