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Greetings, me 'earty! Welcome t' Habitica, the land of productivity, healthy living, and yer occasional rampagin' gryphon. We've a cheerful community full o' helpful people supporting each o'er on 'eir way t' self-improvement. T' fit in, all it takes is a positive attitude, a respectful manner, and the understanding that ev'ryone has diff'rent skills and limitations -- including you! Habiticans're patient wiv one another and try t' help whene'er they can.
10 days ago
Committed changes 7 months ago
So thar ye 'ave it, brave Habitican -- th' Community Guidelines! Wipe that sweat off o' yer brow 'n give yourself some XP fer readin' it all. If ye 'ave any riddles or concerns about these Community Guidelines, reach out t' us via th' <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a> 'n we shall be happy t' help clarify thin's.
7 months ago
Additionally, th' sensitive material best be topical -- bringin' up self-harm in a Fleet focused on fightin' depression may make sense, but be prolly less commandeer in a chanties Fleet. If ye see someone who be repeatedly violatin' this guideline, especially aft several requests, Jolly Roger th' posts 'n notify th' seadogs via th' <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>.
7 months ago
<strong>If ya see a post tha' ya believe's in vi'lation o' the public space guidelines outlined above, or if ya see a post tha' concerns ya or makes ya uncomfortable, ya can bring it t' the attention o' Moderators an' Staff by clickin' the flag icon t' report it</strong>. A Staff member or Moderator'll respond t' the situation as soon as poss'ble. Please note tha' intentionally reportin' innocent posts is an infraction o' these Guidelines (see b'low in “Infractions”). PMs cannot be flagged at this time, so if ya need t' report a PM, please contact the Mods via the form on the “Contact Us” page, which ya can also access via the help menu by clickin' “<a href='' target='_blank'>Contact the Moderation Team</a>.” Ya may want t' do this if there're mult'ple problematic posts by the same person in diff'rent Guilds, or if the situation requires some explanation. You may contact us in yer native language if that be easier fer ya: we may have t' use Google Translate, but we want ya t' feel comfortable 'bout contactin' us if ya've a problem.
7 months ago
<strong>We 'ighly discourage the exchange of pers'nal info -- particularly info tha' can be used t' identify ya -- in public chat spaces</strong>. Identifyin' info can include but's no' lim'ted ter: yer address, yer email address, and yer API token/password. This be fer yer safety! Staff or moderators may remove such posts at their discretion. If ye be asked fer personal info in a private Guild, Party, or PM, we 'ighly recommend tha' ya politely refuse and alert the staff and moderators by either 1) flagging the message if it's in a Party or private Guild, or 2) filling ou' the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a> and includin' screenshots.
7 months ago
<strong>Divisive/contentious conversations should be reported t' yer mods</strong> by flaggin' the messages involved or usin' the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>. If ya feel tha' a conversation is gettin' heated, overly emotional, or hurtful, cease t' engage. Instead, report them posts t' let us know about it. Moderators'll respond as quickly as poss'ble. It's our job t' keep ya safe. If ya feel tha' more context's required, ya can report the problem usin' the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>.
7 months ago
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