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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesChinese (Simplified)

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The Tavern is the main spot for Habiticans to mingle. Daniel the Innkeeper keeps the place spic-and-span, and Lemoness will happily conjure up some lemonade while you sit and chat. Just keep in mind…
11 months ago
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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesChinese (Simplified)

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<a href='' target='_blank'>The Feedback Form</a>: for site and app feature requests.
<a href='' target='_blank'>Trello反馈表</a>: 在这里提出新功能的建议。
a year ago
<strong>If you see a post or private message that you believe is in violation of the public space guidelines outlined above, or if you see a post or private message that concerns you or makes you uncomfortable, you can bring it to the attention of Moderators and Staff by clicking the flag icon to report it</strong>. A Staff member or Moderator will respond to the situation as soon as possible. Please note that intentionally reporting innocent posts is an infraction of these Guidelines (see below in “Infractions”). You can also contact the Mods via the form on the “Contact Us” page, which you can also access via the help menu by clicking “<a href='' target='_blank'>Contact the Moderation Team</a>.” You may want to do this if there are multiple problematic posts by the same person in different Guilds, or if the situation requires some explanation. You may contact us in your native language if that is easier for you: we may have to use Google Translate, but we want you to feel comfortable about contacting us if you have a problem.
<strong>如果您看到一条您认为是违反公共空间指南的消息或私人信息,或者您看到一条困扰您或让您不舒服的消息,您可以通过点击举报标志将其报告给管理员和工作人员</strong>。工作人员或者管理员会尽快对情况作出回应。请注意,故意举报无辜的消息也是对社区准则的一种违反哦(具体见下方的“违规”)!私信暂时还不能被举报,所以如果您需要举报一条私信,请通过“联系我们”页面上的表格与我们的管理员联系,您也可以点击“<a href='' target='_blank'>联系管理团队</a>”,可以通过帮助菜单访问该页面。当您遇到如下情况,您也可以这样举报,比如同一人在不同公会中有多个有问题的帖子,或者需要一些情况说明。您可以用您的母语与我们联系如果这对您很方便:我们可能需要使用Google翻译,但如果您遇到问题,我们希望您能够轻松的与我们交流。
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