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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes a month ago
<a href='' target='_blank'>The Quest Trello</a>: for submitting quest writing.
<a href='' target='_blank'>探索副本 Trello</a>: 在这里提交新的探索副本剧本。
a month ago

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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes a month ago
So there you have it, brave Habitican -- the Community Guidelines! Wipe that sweat off of your brow and give yourself some XP for reading it all. If you have any questions or concerns about these Community Guidelines, please reach out to us via the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a> and we will be happy to help clarify things.
勇敢的Habitica居民,这就是社区准则!擦掉额头上的汗水,给自己一些经验值作为读完它的奖励吧。如果你对于社区准则有任何疑问,请通过<a href='' target='_blank'>版主联系论坛</a>联系我们,我们很乐意澄清任何问题。
a month ago
Additionally, the sensitive material should be topical -- bringing up self-harm in a Guild focused on fighting depression may make sense, but is probably less appropriate in a music Guild. If you see someone who is repeatedly violating this guideline, especially after several requests, please flag the posts and notify the moderators via the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>.
另外,敏感成份必须和主题有关——在对抗抑郁症的公会里谈到自残是可理解的,但在音乐公会里谈就不适当了。如果你看到有人一直违反社区准则,屡劝不听的话,请举报该帖子并且通过<a href='' target='_blank'>管理员联系表格</a>通知管理员。
a month ago
<strong>If you see a post that you believe is in violation of the public space guidelines outlined above, or if you see a post that concerns you or makes you uncomfortable, you can bring it to the attention of Moderators and Staff by clicking the flag icon to report it</strong>. A Staff member or Moderator will respond to the situation as soon as possible. Please note that intentionally reporting innocent posts is an infraction of these Guidelines (see below in “Infractions”). PMs cannot be flagged at this time, so if you need to report a PM, please contact the Mods via the form on the “Contact Us” page, which you can also access via the help menu by clicking “<a href='' target='_blank'>Contact the Moderation Team</a>.” You may want to do this if there are multiple problematic posts by the same person in different Guilds, or if the situation requires some explanation. You may contact us in your native language if that is easier for you: we may have to use Google Translate, but we want you to feel comfortable about contacting us if you have a problem.
<strong>如果您看到一条您认为是违反公共空间指南的消息,或者您看到一条困扰您或让您不舒服的消息,您可以通过点击举报标志将其报告给管理员和工作人员</strong>。工作人员或者管理员会尽快对情况作出回应。请注意,故意举报无辜的消息也是对社区准则的一种违反哦(具体见下方的“违规”)!私信暂时还不能被举报,所以如果您需要举报一条私信,请通过“联系我们”页面上的表格与我们的管理员联系,您也可以点击“<a href='' target='_blank'>联系管理团队</a>”,可以通过帮助菜单访问该页面。当您遇到如下情况,您也可以这样举报,比如同一人在不同公会中有多个有问题的帖子,或者需要一些情况说明。您可以用您的母语与我们联系如果这对您很方便:我们可能需要使用Google翻译,但如果您遇到问题,我们希望您能够轻松的与我们交流。
a month ago
<strong>We highly discourage the exchange of personal information -- particularly information that can be used to identify you -- in public chat spaces</strong>. Identifying information can include but is not limited to: your address, your email address, and your API token/password. This is for your safety! Staff or moderators may remove such posts at their discretion. If you are asked for personal information in a private Guild, Party, or PM, we highly recommend that you politely refuse and alert the staff and moderators by either 1) flagging the message if it is in a Party or private Guild, or 2) filling out the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a> and including screenshots.
<strong>我们非常不鼓励在公共场合交换个人信息——尤其是那些能够证明自己身份的信息。</strong>那些信息包括但不限于:你的地址、电子邮箱、API令牌和密码。这是为了你的安全!工作人员或管理员会根据自己的判断移除那些信息。如果有人在私人公会、队伍或者私聊里问到你的这些私人信息,我们强烈建议你礼貌地拒绝他,并告知工作人员或者管理员中的任意一个。方法1,如果是在队伍或者私人公会里,点击帖子下方的举报。方法2,填写 <a href='' target='_blank'> 管理员联系表格</a> ,包括截图。
a month ago
<strong>Divisive/contentious conversations should be reported to mods</strong> by flagging the messages involved or using the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>. If you feel that a conversation is getting heated, overly emotional, or hurtful, cease to engage. Instead, report the posts to let us know about it. Moderators will respond as quickly as possible. It's our job to keep you safe. If you feel that more context is required, you can report the problem using the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>.
<strong>引战言论应当举报</strong>通过点击相关言论的举报帖子或者使用<a href='' target='_blank'>版主联系方式</a>。如果你觉得对话变得激烈,甚至情绪过度或伤害到别人,停止对话。作为替代,点击帖子下方的小旗帜让我们知道。版主会尽快回复。保证安全是我们的工作。如果您觉得需要更多的详细内容,则可以使用<a href='' target='_blank'> 版主联系方式 </a>报告问题。
a month ago
These rules apply to all of the social spaces we use, including (but not necessarily limited to) Trello, GitHub, Weblate, and the Wikia (aka wiki). Sometimes, unforeseen situations will arise, like a new source of conflict or a vicious necromancer. When this happens, the mods may respond by editing these guidelines to keep the community safe from new threats. Fear not: you will be notified by an announcement from Bailey if the guidelines change.
这些规定适用于我们使用到的所有社区空间,包括(但不限于)Trello、Github、TransifexWeblate还有Wikia(也就是我们的维基)。偶尔,会有一些意想不到的事情发生,例如一个新的冲突事端的出现或者是一个恶意捣乱的人。当这些发生的时候,管理员们可能会适当的修改这些准则以确保社区的安全。别担心,假如指导准则有所更动,Bailey 会发布公告来通知你。
a month ago
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