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Any statements or actions that trigger a "Please Don't". When a Mod has to say "Please don't do this" to a user, it can count as a very minor infraction for that user. An example might be "Please don't keep arguing in favour of this feature idea after we've told you several times that it isn't feasible." In many cases, the Please Don't will be the minor consequence as well, but if Mods have to say "Please Don't" to the same user enough times, the triggering Minor Infractions will start to count as Moderate Infractions.
2 months ago
The announcement, message, and/or email that you receive explaining the consequences of your actions is a good source of information. Cooperate with any restrictions which have been imposed, and endeavour to meet the requirements to have any penalties lifted.
2 months ago
In a community as big as Habitica, users come and go, and sometimes a staff member or moderator needs to lay down their noble mantle and relax. The following are Staff and Moderators Emeritus. They no longer act with the power of a Staff member or Moderator, but we would still like to honour their work!
2 months ago
If your account is banned (a severe consequence), you will not be able to log into Habitica and will receive an error message upon attempting to log in. <strong>If you wish to apologizse or make a plea for reinstatement, please email the staff at <a href='' target='_blank'></a> with your UUID</strong> (which will be given in the error message). It is <strong>your</strong> responsibility to reach out if you desire reconsideration or reinstatement.
2 months ago
<strong>If the Guild in question has different kinds of sensitive issues, it is respectful to your fellow Habiticans to place your comment behind a warning (ex. "Warning: references self-harm")</strong>. These may be characterizsed as trigger warnings and/or content notes, and Guilds may have their own rules in addition to those given here. If possible, please use <a href='' target='_blank'>markdown</a> to hide the potentially sensitive content below line breaks so that those who may wish to avoid reading it can scroll past it without seeing the content. Habitica staff and moderators may still remove this material at their discretion.
2 months ago
<strong>Take time to reflect instead of responding in anger</strong> if someone tells you that something you said or did made them uncomfortable. There is great strength in being able to sincerely apologizse to someone. If you feel that the way they responded to you was inappropriate, contact a mod rather than calling them out on it publicly.
2 months ago
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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesEnglish (United Kingdom)

<strong>If you see a post that you believe is in violation of the public space guidelines outlined above, or if you see a post that concerns you or makes you uncomfortable, you can bring it to the attention of Moderators and Staff by clicking the flag icon to report it</strong>. A Staff member or Moderator will respond to the situation as soon as possible. Please note that intentionally reporting innocent posts is an infraction of these Guidelines (see below in “Infractions”). PMs cannot be flagged at this time, so if you need to report a PM, please contact the Mods via the form on the “Contact Us” page, which you can also access via the help menu by clicking “<a href='' target='_blank'>Contact the Moderation Team</a>.” You may want to do this if there are multiple problematic posts by the same person in different Guilds, or if the situation requires some explanation. You may contact us in your native language if that is easier for you: we may have to use Google Translate, but we want you to feel comfortable about contacting us if you have a problem.
2 months ago

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Habitica / CommunityguidelinesEnglish (United Kingdom)

<strong>Divisive/contentious conversations should be reported to mods</strong> by flagging the messages involved or using the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>. If you feel that a conversation is getting heated, overly emotional, or hurtful, cease to engage. Instead, report the posts to let us know about it. Moderators will respond as quickly as possible. It's our job to keep you safe. If you feel that more context is required, you can report the problem using the <a href='' target='_blank'>Moderator Contact Form</a>.
2 months ago
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