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Repository containing Weblate translations
Monolingual base language filewebsite/common/locales/en/pets.json
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Habitica / PetsEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

Committed changes 9 days ago
Release all standard Mounts so you can collect them again. (Quest Mounts and rare Mounts are not affected.)
Release all standard MountSteeds so tha't ye can collect 'em again. (Quest MountSteeds an' rare MountSteeds aren't affecte'd.)
9 days ago
Key to the Mount Kennels
Key t' th' MountSteed Kennels
9 days ago
You have earned the "Triad Bingo" achievement for finding all the pets, taming all the mounts, and finding all the pets again!
Ye've earned th' "Triad Bingo" medal fer findin' all th' petcritters, tamin' all th' mountsteeds, an' findin' all th' petcritters again!
9 days ago
You do not own this mount.
Ye don't own this mountsteed.
9 days ago
Has found all 90 pets, all 90 mounts, and found all 90 pets AGAIN (HOW DID YOU DO THAT!)
Has found all 90 petcritters, all 90 mountsteeds, an' found all 90 pets AGAIN (HOW DID YE DO THAT!)
9 days ago
and has released all 90 of their mounts a total of <%= count %> time(s)
an' has releas'd all 90 o' their mountsteeds a total o' <%= count %> time(s)
9 days ago
Has tamed all 90 mounts (even more difficult, congratulate this user!)
Has tamed all 90 mountsteeds (eve'n more difficult, congratulate this userpirate!)
9 days ago
Mount Master
MountSteed Master
9 days ago
Mount Master Progress
MountSteed Master Progress
9 days ago
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