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Habitica / PetsEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

Committed changes a month ago
Royal Purple Gryphon
Royal PurplePrincely Indigo Gryphon
a month ago
Welcome to the Stable! I’m Matt, the beastmaster. Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg or a Hatching Potion to hatch Pets. When you hatch a Pet, it will appear here! Click a Pet's image to add it to your Avatar. Feed them with the Pet Food you find and they'll grow into hardy Mounts.
Welcome t' th' Stable! I be Matt, th' master o' th' beasts. Ever' time ye kermplete a task, ye'll 'ave a random chance t' receieve an Egg or an 'Atchin' Potion to 'atch Critters. When ye hatch a Critter, it'll appear here! Click a Critter's image t' add it t' yer Avatar. Feed 'em with th' Critter Vittles ye find an' they'll grow into hardy Mounts.
a month ago
Invalid amount of food, must be a positive integer
Invalid amount of Vittles, must be a positive integer
a month ago
You're trying to feed too much food to your pet, action cancelled
Ye be wantin to feed too many vittles to yer critter, action cancelled
a month ago
You don't have enough food
Ye don't ave enough Vittles
a month ago
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Habitica / PetsEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

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