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Habitica / OverviewEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

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Habitica / OverviewEnglish (Pirate) (en@pirate)

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Need some tips on how t' begin? Here's be a straightforward guide!
4 months ago
Need some tips on how t' begin? Here be a straightforward guide!
6 months ago
Committed changes 11 months ago
H'ave questions? Check out the' [FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! If your question iser riddle ain't mentioned therear, youe can ask foer further help in the' [Habitica Help guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>).

Good luck with you' yer tasks!
11 months ago
Once youe're familiar with the' th' basics, youe can get even more out of' Habitica with' these nifty features:
* Organize youer tasks with' [tags]( (edit a task to' add them).
* Customize youer [avatar]( by clicking thejabbin' th' user icon in the' upper-right corner.
* Buy youer [Equipment]( under Rewards or from the' [Shops](<%= shopUrl %>), and'n change it under [Inventory > Equipment](<%= equipUrl %>).
* Connect with' other users via the' [Tavern](
* Starting' at Level 3, hatch [Pets]( by collecting' [eggs]( and'n [hatching' potions]( [Feed]( them to' create [Mounts](
* At level 10: Choose a particular [classrew]( and'n then use classrew-specific [skills]( (levels 11 to' 14).
* Form a party with your friends (by clicking [Party' yer crew (by clickin' [Crew](<%= partyUrl %>) in the' navigation bar) to' stay accountable and earn a Quest'n earn an Adventure scroll.
* Defeat monsters and'n collect objects on [questadventures]( (youe will be given a questn adventure at level 15).
11 months ago
Step 3: Customize andn' Explore Habitica
11 months ago
Now, start tacklin' yer goals from th' list! As ye complete tasks 'n check them off in Habitica, ye will gain [Experience](, which helps ye level up, 'n [Gold](, which allows ye t' purchase Rewards. If ye fall into bad habits or wench yer Dailies, ye will lose [Health]( In that way, th' Habitica Experience 'n Health bars serve as a fun indicator o' yer progress toward yer goals. Ye'll start seein' yer real life improve as yer character advances in th' game.
11 months ago
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