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Habitica / SettingsSpanish (Latin America)

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Habitica / SettingsSpanish (Latin America)

We sometimes have events and give out couponpromo codes for special gear. (eg, those who stop by our Wondercon booth)
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Habitica / SettingsSpanish (Latin America)

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Habitica / SettingsSpanish (Latin America)

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Your username is used for invitations, @mentions in chat, and messaging. It must be 1 to 20 characters, containing only letters a to z, numbers 0 to 9, hyphens, or underscores, and cannot include any inappropriate terms.
We will be transitioning login names to unique, public usernames soon. This username will be used for invitations, @mentions in chat, and messagingTu nombre de usuario es usado para las invitaciones, @menciones en el chat y mensajería. Debe tener de 1 a 20 caracteres, conteniendo únicamente las letras de la "a" a la "z", guiones medios o bajos, y no puede incluir ningún término inapropiado.
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Display Names may not contain backslashes followed by the letter N.
Los nombres de usuario no deben contener barras invertidas seguidas de la letra N.
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