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Habitica / QuestsChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes 2 weeks ago
Owner only
2 weeks ago
Try checking out the <a href="<%= questShop %>">Quest Shop</a> for new releases!
沒有副本可以遊玩?可以嘗試到副本商店尋找請試著查詢此<a href="<%= 副本商店 %>">副本商店</a> 中的新推出副本!
2 weeks ago
Can’t find a Quest to start?
2 weeks ago
<%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> Members participating
<%= 已接受 %> / <%= 已邀請 %> 成員們加入中
2 weeks ago
Your Party is not on a Quest
2 weeks ago
Select Quest
2 weeks ago
Are you sure you want to cancel this Quest? All progress will be lost. The Quest will be returned to the owner's inventory.
2 weeks ago
Are you sure you want to cancel this Quest? Canceling the Quest will cancel all accepted and pending invitations. The Quest will be returned to the owner's inventory.
2 weeks ago
Are you sure you want to start this Quest? Not all Party members have accepted the Quest invite. Quests start automatically after all members respond to the invite.
您確定嗎?只有您隊伍<%= totalmembers %>人中的<%= questmembers %>個人加入了這此副本!副本會在所有隊員都加入或拒絕您要開始這個副本嗎?不是所有隊伍中的成員們都會收到此副本的邀請。 副本會在所有成員們回覆此邀請後自動開始。
2 weeks ago
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