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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

First, you need to join or start a Party (see [How to play Habitica with my friends]( Although you can battle monsters alone, we recommend playing in a group, because this will make Quests much easier. Plus, having a friend to cheer you on as you accomplish your tasks is very motivating!

Next, you need a Quest Scroll, which are stored under Menu > Items. There are three ways to get a scroll:

- At level 15, you get a Quest-line, aka three linked quests. More Quest-lines unlock at levels 30, 40, and 60 respectively.
- When you invite people to your Party, you'll be rewarded with the Basi-List Scroll!
- You can buy Quests from the Quests Shop for Gold and Gems.

To battle the Boss or collect items for a Collection Quest, simply complete your tasks normally, and they will be tallied into damage overnight. (Reloading by pulling down on the screen may be required to see the Boss's health bar go down.) If you are fighting a Boss and you missed any Dailies, the Boss will damage your Party at the same time that you damage the Boss.

After level 11 Mages and Warriors will gain Skills that allow them to deal additional damage to the Boss, so these are excellent classes to choose at level 10 if you want to be a heavy hitter.

然後,你需要一個副本捲軸,在目錄 > 道具 下面可以找到,得到一個副本捲軸有三個辦法:

- 在15級的時候,你會得到一條副本線,有三個互相聯繫的副本,在30,40和60級還會解鎖更多副本線
- 當你邀請朋友加入你的戰隊,你會被獎勵基礎捲軸!
- 在網頁版你可以在[這裡] ( 用金幣和寶石購買副本。 (我們會在未來把這項功能加到手機應用程序上)

要在一項收集副本中擊敗boss收集道具,只需要照常完成你的日常任務,每過一夜,它們會被追踪到對boss的傷害值上(下拉頁面刷新就能看見boss的生命值在降低) 。如果在和boss對戰時錯過了某些日常任務,boss會在你和你的隊友對boss造成傷害的同時反傷你們。

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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg, a Hatching Potion, or a piece of Pet Food. They will be stored in Menu > Items.

To hatch a Pet, you'll need an Egg and a Hatching Potion. Tap on the Egg to determine the species you want to hatch, and select "Hatch with Potion." Then choose a Hatching Potion to determine its color! To equip your new Pet, go to Menu > Stable > Pets, select a species, click on the desired Pet, and select "Use"(Your Avatar doesn't update to reflect the change).

You can also grow your Pets into Mounts by feeding them under Menu > Stable [ > Pets ]. Tap on a Pet, and then select "Feed"! You'll have to feed a Pet many times before it becomes a Mount, but if you can figure out its favorite food, it will grow more quickly. Use trial and error, or [see the spoilers here]( To equip your Mount, go to Menu > Stable > Mounts, select a species, click on the desired Mount, and select "Use"(Your Avatar doesn't update to reflect the change).

You can also get Eggs for Quest Pets by completing certain Quests. (See below to learn more about Quests.)


你也可以用餵食的方式讓寵物進化成坐騎。點選寵物選擇「餵食」,你會看到一條綠色的狀態列隨著你餵食次數而增長,當狀態列額滿後就會進化成坐騎。這需要花點時間,不過如果你能找到寵物最喜歡的食物,就可以加速寵物進化的速度囉!請多多嘗試食物種類或者看這個[查看食物種類] (。當你擁有了一隻座騎,你可以到「選單」>「坐騎」選項,選擇你需要的坐騎,然後選擇“使用”(你的角色形像不會顯示變動)將它裝備到角色上。 )

當你完成某些副本捲軸時,你也可能收到副本寵物蛋。 (你可以看看下面有一些關於副本捲軸的介紹。)
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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

At level 10, you can choose to become a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Healer. (All players start as Warriors by default.) Each Class has different equipment options, different Skills that they can cast after level 11, and different advantages. Warriors can easily damage Bosses, withstand more damage from their tasks, and help make their Party tougher. Mages can also easily damage Bosses, as well as level up quickly and restore Mana for their party. Rogues earn the most gold and find the most item drops, and they can help their Party do the same. Finally, Healers can heal themselves and their Party members.

If you don't want to choose a Class immediately -- for example, if you are still working to buy all the gear of your current class -- you can clicktap “Opt Out” and and choose later under Menu > Choose Classby opening the Menu, tapping the Settings icon, then tapping “Enable Class System”.
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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

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Habitica / FaqChinese (Traditional)

You can report a bug, request a feature, or send feedback under About > Report a Bug and About > Send us Feedback! We'll do everything we can to assist you.If you think you’ve encountered a bug, go to Menu > Help & FAQ > Get Help to look for quick fixes, known issues, or to report the bug to us. We’ll do everything we can to assist you.

To send feedback or request a feature, you can access our feedback form from Menu > Help & FAQ > Submit Feedback. If we have any questions, we’ll reach out to you for more information!
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