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Habitica / SubscriberChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes 3 weeks ago
Usually <%= originalGems %>
3 weeks ago
Habitica subscribers can find double the random items each day and receive monthly mystery items!
Habitica 訂閱者們可以於每日找到雙倍的隨機項目並且獲得每月的神秘項目!
3 weeks ago
Looking for More Items?
3 weeks ago
Committed changes 3 weeks ago
Learn more about Habitica’s drop system
3 weeks ago
Your drops will reset with your tasks tomorrow. However, you’ll continue to earn Gold, Experience, and Quest progress when completing tasks.
3 weeks ago

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Habitica / SubscriberChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes 3 weeks ago
You found all items for the day!
3 weeks ago
What can you buy with Gems?
3 weeks ago
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