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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

The Mightiest Beach Umbrella

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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

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There isn't a task in any To Do list willing to tangle with this gnarly knife! Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Limited Edition 2014 Summer Gear.
沒有任何待办事项中的任务愿意与这把粗糙的刀纠缠!增加<%= str %>点力量。2014年夏季限定版装备。
2 weeks ago
Fearsome To Do's cower before the flapping of this ax. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Limited Edition 2015 Autumn Gear.
那些令人生畏的待办事项都在这把神斧的挥砍之下瑟瑟发抖。增加<%= str %>点力量。2015年秋季限定版装备。
2 weeks ago
All your foes will cower before this tasty-looking lance, regardless of whether they're ghosts, monsters, or red To Do's. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Limited Edition 2017 Autumn Gear.
你所有的敌人都会在这个看起来很美味的长矛面前退缩,不管他们是幽灵,怪物,还是红色待办事项。增加<%= str %>点力量。2017年秋季限定版装备。
2 weeks ago
This ancient To Do list is filled with strange symbols and spells from a forgotten age. Increases Intelligence by <%= int %>. Enchanted Armoire: Scribe Set (Item 3 of 3).
一卷古老的待办事项列表,其中充满了被遗忘时代的奇异符咒。增加<%= int %>点智力。魔法衣橱:书吏套装(3/3)。
2 weeks ago
More than just a pretty hat, this conical chapeau can also hold a rolled-up To Do list inside. Increases Perception by <%= per %>. Enchanted Armoire: Vernal Vestments Set (Item 1 of 3).
这个锥形的帽子不但相当好看,而且还能塞进一张卷起来的待办事项清单。增加<%= per %>点感知。魔法衣橱:春之祭司(1/3)。
2 weeks ago
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