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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 3 days ago
The snowy feathers of these wings will grant you the speed of a wintry gale. Confers no benefit. December 2020 Subscriber Item.
3 days ago
This imposing mask features piercing eyes that will blind foes like the glare of sunlight on fresh snow. Confers no benefit. December 2020 Subscriber Item.
3 days ago
Frostfire Wings
3 days ago
Frostfire Mask
3 days ago

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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

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Habitica / GearChinese (Simplified)

One bite harms, and another bite heals. Increases Intelligence by <%= int %>. Limited Edition 2016 Autumn Gear.
一口伤害一口奶。增加<%= int %>点智力。2016年秋季限定版装备。
8 days ago
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