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Habitica Android / Main StringsChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 6 days ago
Gold is the **main form of currency** within Habitica and allows you to buy certain gear, quests, items, or even custom rewards you make for yourself.

**Earn Gold** through completing tasks or quests, or through some Class skills. Higher **Perception stats** raise the amount of Gold you earn.

If you subscribe to Habitica, you can even use Gold to purchase a number of Gems determined by the length of time you’ve been subscribed.


6 days ago
Experience points represent your progress and allow you to level up. You’ll mainly **gain EXP** from completing tasks or quests, but there are also some class skills that give EXP.

Tasks of higher difficulty, or red-colored tasks will give you **more EXP**. The **Intelligence stat** also raises your rate of EXP gain.

6 days ago
You were invited to the Quest <b>%1$s</b>
6 days ago
You can continue with normal Quest Bosses, damage will apply to both
6 days ago
Take on quests with friends or on your own. Battle monsters, create Challenges, and help yourself stay accountable through Parties.
6 days ago
Quest Shop
6 days ago
Quests that reward you with pet eggs
6 days ago
Need a break? Check into Daniel’s Inn to pause some of Habitica’s more difficult game mechanics:

• Missed Dailies won’t damage you
• Tasks won’t lose streaks or decay in color
• Bosses won’t do damage for your missed Dailies
• Your boss damage or collection quest items will stay pending until check-out

• 未完成的每日任务不会造成伤害
• 任务连击不会断,颜色也不会变
• Boss不会因你未完成每日任务而造成伤害
• 你对boss的伤害和收集任务副本物品会保持不变,直到你离开客栈
6 days ago
World Quest
6 days ago
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