Key English Chinese (Simplified)
clearCompleted Delete Completed 清除已完成的任务
clearCompletedDescription Completed To Do's are deleted after 30 days for non-subscribers and 90 days for subscribers. 已完成的待办事项将为普通用户保留30天后删除,订阅用户将会延长至90天后删除。
clearCompletedConfirm Are you sure you want to delete your completed To Do's? 你确定要删除已完成的待办事项吗?
addMultipleTip <strong>Tip:</strong> To add multiple <%= taskType %>, separate each one using a line break (Shift + Enter) and then press "Enter." <strong>提示:</strong>要添加多个<%= taskType %>,请使用 “Shift + Enter” 分隔每一项,然后按 “Enter” 键
addATask Add a <%= type %> 新增一个<%= type %>
addATitle Add a title 添加一个标题
editATask Edit <%= type %> 编辑<%= type %>
createTask Create <%= type %> 创建一个<%= type %>
scheduled Scheduled 已排程
theseAreYourTasks These are your <%= taskType %> 这些是你的<%= taskType %>
habit Habit 习惯
habits Habits 习惯
habitsDesc Habits don't have a rigid schedule. You can check them off multiple times per day. 习惯没有很严格的进度。你可以每天多次点击它。
positive Positive 积极的
negative Negative 消极的
yellowred Weak 待养成
greenblue Strong 已养成
edit Edit 编辑
save Save 保存
addChecklist Add Checklist 新增清单