Key English
buyGemsGold Buy Gems with Gold
cancelingSubscription Canceling the subscription
cancelSub Cancel Subscription
cancelYourSubscription Cancel your subscription?
mysterySet201712 Candlemancer Set
readCard <%= cardType %> has been read
cardTypeRequired Card type required
mysterySet201711 Carpet Rider Set
mysterySet201601 Champion of Resolution Set
mysterySet202102 Charming Champion Set
checkout Checkout
mysterySet201508 Cheetah Costume Set
choosePaymentMethod Choose your payment method
contactUs Contact Us
mysterySet201611 Cornucopia Set
mysterySet202111 Cosmic Chronomancer Set
couponUsed Coupon code already used.
mysterySet201609 Cow Costume Set
mysterySet201902 Cryptic Crush Set
mysterySet201910 Cryptic Flame Set