Key English
subscription Subscription
subscriptions Subscriptions
viewSubscriptions View Subscriptions
sendGems Send Gems
howManyGemsPurchase How many Gems would you like to purchase?
howManyGemsSend How many Gems would you like to send?
needToPurchaseGems Need to purchase Gems as a gift?
wantToSendOwnGems Want to send your own Gems?
buyGemsGold Buy Gems with Gold
mustSubscribeToPurchaseGems Must subscribe to purchase gems with GP
reachedGoldToGemCapQuantity Your requested amount <%= quantity %> exceeds the amount you can buy for this month (<%= convCap %>). The full amount becomes available within the first three days of each month. Thanks for subscribing!
mysteryItem Exclusive monthly items
mysteryItemText Each month you will receive a unique cosmetic item for your avatar! Plus, for every three months of consecutive subscription, the Mysterious Time Travelers will grant you access to historic (and futuristic!) cosmetic items.
exclusiveJackalopePet Exclusive pet
giftSubscription Want to gift the benefits of a subscription to someone else?
giftASubscription Gift a Subscription
giftSubscriptionText4 Thanks for supporting Habitica!
organization Organization
groupPlans Group Plans
nowSubscribed You are now subscribed to Habitica!