Key English
mysterySet201909 Affable Acorn Set
subscriptionBenefit1 Alexander the Merchant will now sell you Gems from the Market for 20 Gold each!
mysterySet201806 Alluring Anglerfish Set
mysterySet202112 Antarctic Undine Set
mysterySet201503 Aquamarine Set
mysterySet201812 Arctic Fox Set
readyToResubscribe Are you ready to resubscribe?
confirmCancelSub Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription? You will lose all of your subscription benefits.
mysterySet201809 Autumnal Armor Set
mysterySet201409 Autumn Strider Set
backgroundAlreadyOwned Background already owned.
gemBenefit2 Backgrounds to immerse your avatar in the world of Habitica!
mysterySet202003 Barbed Battler Set
mysterySet201907 Beach Buddy Set
mysterySet202107 Beachy Keen Set
cancelSubInfoGroupPlan Because you have a free subscription from a Group Plan, you cannot cancel it. It will end when you are no longer a member of the Group Plan. If you are the Group leader and want to cancel the Group Plan, you can do that from the Group Plan’s “Group Billing” tab.
subGemPop Because you subscribe to Habitica, you can purchase a number of Gems each month using Gold.
mysterySet202010 Beguilingly Batty Set
mysterySet202103 Blossom Viewing Set
mysterySet201504 Busy Bee Set