Key English Chinese (Simplified)
settings Settings 设置
language Language 语言
americanEnglishGovern In the event of a discrepancy in the translations, the American English version governs. 不同语言描述不符时,以英语(American English)为准。
helpWithTranslation Would you like to help with the translation of Habitica? Great! Then visit <a href="/groups/guild/7732f64c-33ee-4cce-873c-fc28f147a6f7">the Aspiring Linguists Guild</a>! 你愿意协助Habitica的翻译工作吗?太好了!来加入<a href="/groups/guild/7732f64c-33ee-4cce-873c-fc28f147a6f7">the Aspiring Linguists Guild</a>一起翻译吧!
stickyHeader Sticky header 顶部保持不动
newTaskEdit Open new tasks in edit mode 以编辑模式开启新任务
dailyDueDefaultView Set Dailies default to 'due' tab 每日任务默认选中“待办”项
dailyDueDefaultViewPop With this option set, the Dailies tasks will default to 'due' instead of 'all' 选择这个选项后,每日任务会默认选中“待办”项而不是“全部”项
reverseChatOrder Show chat messages in reverse order 倒序查看聊天记录
startAdvCollapsed Advanced Settings in tasks start collapsed 默认隐藏高级选项
startAdvCollapsedPop With this option set, Advanced Settings will be hidden when you first open a task for editing. 选择这个选项后,展开编辑新任务的时候高级设置是隐藏的。
dontShowAgain Don't show this again 下次不再出现
suppressLevelUpModal Don't show popup when gaining a level 升级时不出现弹窗提示
suppressHatchPetModal Don't show popup when hatching a pet 宠物孵化时不出现弹窗提示
suppressRaisePetModal Don't show popup when raising a pet into a mount 宠物培养为坐骑时不再出现弹窗
suppressStreakModal Don't show popup when attaining a Streak achievement 连击达成时不再出现弹出窗口
showTour Show Tour 显示教程
showBailey Show Bailey 显示Bailey
showBaileyPop Bring Bailey the Town Crier out of hiding so you can review past news. 显示街头公告员Bailey以查看过往新闻。
fixVal Fix Character Values 修复角色数值