Key English Chinese (Simplified)
amountExperience <%= amount %> Experience <%= amount %>经验值
amountExp <%= amount %> Exp <%= amount %>经验值
amountGold <%= amount %> Gold <%= amount %>金币
newStuff New Stuff by Bailey Bailey的新品
sleepBullet3 Bosses won't do damage for your own missed Dailies Boss不会因你错过每日任务而造成伤害
skillsTitle <%= classStr %> Skills <%= classStr %>技能
plusGem +<%= count %> Gem +<%= count %>颗宝石
communityGuidelinesIntro Habitica tries to create a welcoming environment for users of all ages and backgrounds, especially in public spaces like the Tavern. If you have any questions, please consult our <a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>Community Guidelines</a>. Habitica尝试为所有年龄和背景的用户创造一个舒适的环境,特别是像在酒馆这样的公共场所。如果您有任何问题,请查阅我们的<a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>“社区准则”</a>。
donateText3 Habitica is an open source project that depends on our users for support. The money you spend on gems helps us keep the servers running, maintain a small staff, develop new features, and provide incentives for our volunteer programmers. Thank you for your generosity! Habitica是一个基于用户支持的开源项目。你使用在宝石上的金钱帮助我们维持服务、雇佣员工、开发新功能,以及奖励我们的志愿程序员。感谢您的慷慨!
justin Justin Justin
npcAchievementName <%= key %> NPC <%= key %> NPC
mattBoch Matt Boch Matt Boch
nGems <%= nGems %> Gems <%= nGems %> 颗宝石
nGemsGift <%= nGems %> Gems (Gift) <%= nGems %> 颗宝石(赠品)
nMonthsSubscriptionGift <%= nMonths %> Month(s) Subscription (Gift) <%= nMonths %>个月订阅(赠品)
namedHatchingPotion <%= type %> Hatching Potion <%= type %>瓶孵化药水
tourMountsPage Once you've fed a pet enough food to turn it into a mount, it will appear here. Click a mount to saddle up! 一旦你给一只宠物喂了足够的食物,当它成长为坐骑时,它就会出现在这里。点击一只坐骑乘上吧!
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