Key English Chinese (Simplified)
npcAchievementName <%= key %> NPC <%= key %> NPC
npcAchievementText Backed the Kickstarter project at the maximum level! 用尽全力支持了我们的Kickstarter项目!
welcomeTo Welcome to 欢迎来到
welcomeBack Welcome back! 欢迎回来!
justin Justin Justin
justinIntroMessage1 Hello there! You must be new here. My name is <strong>Justin</strong>, and I'll be your guide in Habitica. 嗨,你好!你是新来的吧,我叫<strong>Justin</strong>,我将成为你在Habitca的向导。
justinIntroMessage3 Great! Now, what are you interested in working on throughout this journey? 棒极了! 现在,您有兴趣在整个旅程中工作吗?
justinIntroMessageUsername Before we begin, let’s figure out what to call you. Below you’ll find a display name and username I’ve generated for you. After you’ve picked a display name and username, we’ll get started by creating an avatar! 在我们开始之前,让我们想想如何称呼你。你可以在下面找到我为你生成的昵称和用户名。在你选择了昵称和用户名后,我们将开始创建一个角色!
justinIntroMessageAppearance So how would you like to look? Don’t worry, you can change this later. 你想打扮成什么样? 别担心,这些都可以稍后更改。
introTour Here we are! I've filled out some Tasks for you based on your interests, so you can get started right away. Click a Task to edit or add new Tasks to fit your routine! 我们到了Habitica大陆了! 我根据您的兴趣为您填写了一些任务,因此您可以立即开始使用。单击一项任务来编辑或者添加新任务以适应您的日常工作!
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randomize Randomize 随机化
mattBoch Matt Boch Matt Boch
mattBochText1 Welcome to the Stable! I’m Matt, the beastmaster. Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg or a Hatching Potion to hatch Pets. When you hatch a Pet, it will appear here! Click a Pet's image to add it to your Avatar. Feed them with the Pet Food you find, and they'll grow into hardy Mounts. 欢迎来到马厩!我是驯兽师Matt。每当你完成任务,你会有机会获得宠物蛋和孵化药水,以此来孵化宠物。当你在市场上购买了宠物蛋,它会出现在这里!点击一只宠物,它会显示在你的角色形象中。如果你喂它们你找的宠物食物,它们就会成长为更有力量的坐骑。
welcomeToTavern Welcome to The Tavern! 欢迎来到酒馆!
sleepDescription Need a break? Check into Daniel's Inn to pause some of Habitica's more difficult game mechanics: 需要休息吗?来逛逛Daniel的酒店,当你遇到困难时,能暂停Habitica的游戏机制:
sleepBullet1 Missed Dailies won't damage you 错过每日任务不会对你造成伤害
sleepBullet2 Tasks won't lose streaks 任务不会失去连击数