Key English Chinese (Simplified)
amountExp <%= amount %> Exp <%= amount %>经验值
amountExperience <%= amount %> Experience <%= amount %>经验值
amountGold <%= amount %> Gold <%= amount %>金币
welcome3notes As you improve your life, your avatar will level up and unlock pets, quests, equipment, and more! 随着你在生活中的进步,你的角色也会升级并且解锁宠物、装备、副本等等!
autoAllocate Auto Allocate 自动分配
limitedAvailabilityDays Available for <%= days %>d <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m 购买时间剩余<%= days %>天 <%= hours %>小时 <%= minutes %>分钟
limitedAvailabilityHours Available for <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m 购买时间剩余<%= hours %>小时 <%= minutes %>分钟
limitedAvailabilityMinutes Available for <%= minutes %>m <%= seconds %>s 购买时间剩余<%= minutes %>分钟<%= seconds %>秒
limitedOffer Available until <%= date %> 有效期至<%= date %>
npcAchievementText Backed the Kickstarter project at the maximum level! 用尽全力支持了我们的Kickstarter项目!
justinIntroMessageUsername Before we begin, let’s figure out what to call you. Below you’ll find a display name and username I’ve generated for you. After you’ve picked a display name and username, we’ll get started by creating an avatar! 在我们开始之前,让我们想想如何称呼你。你可以在下面找到我为你生成的昵称和用户名。在你选择了昵称和用户名后,我们将开始创建一个角色!
sleepBullet3 Bosses won't do damage for your own missed Dailies Boss不会因你错过每日任务而造成伤害
buyGems Buy Gems 购买宝石
buyNow Buy Now 现在就购买
ianTextMobile Can I interest you in some quest scrolls? Activate them to battle monsters with your Party! 我可以向你推荐一些副本卷轴吗?和你的队伍一起,激活他们与怪物战斗吧!
tourChallengesPage Challenges are themed task lists created by users! Joining a Challenge will add its tasks to your account. Compete against other users to win Gem prizes! 挑战是一些玩家创建的“任务列表”,接受挑战就意味着把这些任务列表复制到你自己的清单上。和其他用户竞争比赛,赢得挑战就可以获得宝石!
classGear Class Gear 职业装备
skillsTitle <%= classStr %> Skills <%= classStr %>技能
classGearText Congratulations on choosing a class! I've added your new basic weapon to your inventory. Take a look below to equip it! 祝贺你选了一个职业!我已经将你的基本武器放到物品栏了。看看下面来装备它吧!