Key English Chinese (Simplified)
acceptCommunityGuidelines I agree to follow the Community Guidelines 我同意遵守社区指南
alreadyUnlocked Full set already unlocked. 全套已经解锁。
alreadyUnlockedPart Full set already partially unlocked. It is cheaper to buy the remaining items individually. 只有完整套装中的部分已解锁。单独购买剩余的物品比较便宜。
amountExp <%= amount %> Exp <%= amount %>经验值
amountExperience <%= amount %> Experience <%= amount %>经验值
amountGold <%= amount %> Gold <%= amount %>金币
autoAllocate Auto Allocate 自动分配
buyGems Buy Gems 购买宝石
buyNow Buy Now 现在就购买
cannotBuyItem You can't buy this item. 你不能购买这个物品。
cannotUnpinItem This item cannot be unpinned. 您不能取消这个物品的固定。
card Credit Card 信用卡
classGear Class Gear 职业装备
classGearText Congratulations on choosing a class! I've added your new basic weapon to your inventory. Take a look below to equip it! 祝贺你选了一个职业!我已经将你的基本武器放到物品栏了。看看下面来装备它吧!
communityGuidelinesIntro Habitica tries to create a welcoming environment for users of all ages and backgrounds, especially in public spaces like the Tavern. If you have any questions, please consult our <a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>Community Guidelines</a>. Habitica尝试为所有年龄和背景的用户创造一个舒适的环境,特别是像在酒馆这样的公共场所。如果您有任何问题,请查阅我们的<a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>“社区准则”</a>。
contentKeyNotFound Key not found for Content <%= type %> 内容<%= type %>找不到Key
cost Cost 花费
custom Custom 自定义
dismissAlert Dismiss This Alert 不再显示