Key English Chinese (Traditional)
messageLostItem Your <%= itemText %> broke. 你的<%= itemText %>壞掉了。
messageTaskNotFound Task not found. 找不到任務。
messageTagNotFound Tag not found. 找不到標籤。
messagePetNotFound :pet not found in user.items.pets 找不到寵物
messageFoodNotFound :food not found in 找不到食物
messageNotAvailable This item is not currently available for purchase. 這個物品目前無法購買。
messageCannotFeedPet Can't feed this pet. 無法餵食這隻寵物。
messageAlreadyMount You already have that mount. Try feeding another pet. 你已經擁有這個坐騎了,試著餵給其他的寵物。
messageEvolve You have tamed <%= egg %>, let's go for a ride! 你已經馴服<%= egg %>,出去兜兜風吧!
messageLikesFood <%= egg %> really likes <%= foodText %>! <%= egg %>真的很喜歡<%= foodText %>!
messageDontEnjoyFood <%= egg %> eats <%= foodText %> but doesn't seem to enjoy it. <%= egg %>吃了<%= foodText %>但好像並不喜歡它。
messageBought Bought <%= itemText %> 購買了<%= itemText %>
messageUnEquipped <%= itemText %> unequipped. 取下<%= itemText %>了。
messageBattleGearUnEquipped Battle Gear unequipped. 戰鬥裝備已卸下。
messageCostumeUnEquipped Costume unequipped. 服飾已卸下。
messagePetMountUnEquipped Pet and Mount unequipped. 寵物和坐騎已卸下。
messageBackgroundUnEquipped Background unequipped. 背景已卸下。
messageAllUnEquipped Everything unequipped. 所有項目已卸下。
messageMissingEggPotion You're missing either that egg or that potion 缺少寵物蛋或藥水
messageInvalidEggPotionCombo You can't hatch Quest Pet Eggs with Magic Hatching Potions! Try a different egg. 你不能在副本寵物蛋上使用魔法孵化藥水,請試試別種蛋吧。