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commGuideList08A what your infraction was
commGuideList08C what to do to correct the situation and restore your status, if possible.
commGuideList08B what the consequence is
commGuidePara069 The following talented artists contributed to these illustrations:
commGuidePara055 The following are some examples of Moderate Infractions. This is not a comprehensive list.
commGuidePara057 The following are some examples of Minor Infractions. This is not a comprehensive list.
commGuidePara062 The announcement, message, and/or email that you receive explaining the consequences of your actions is a good source of information. Cooperate with any restrictions which have been imposed, and endeavor to meet the requirements to have any penalties lifted.
commGuideList10D Temporarily disabling ("freezing") progression through Contributor Tiers
commGuideList02L <strong>We highly discourage the exchange of personal information -- particularly information that can be used to identify you -- in public chat spaces</strong>. Identifying information can include but is not limited to: your address, your email address, and your API token/password. This is for your safety! Staff or moderators may remove such posts at their discretion. If you are asked for personal information in a private Guild, Party, or PM, we highly recommend that you politely refuse and alert the staff and moderators by either 1) flagging the message, or 2) emailing <a href='' target='_blank'></a> and including screenshots.
commGuidePara051 <strong>There are a variety of infractions, and they are dealt with depending on their severity</strong>. These are not comprehensive lists, and the Mods can make decisions on topics not covered here at their own discretion. The Mods will take context into account when evaluating infractions.
commGuidePara059 <strong>Similarly, all infractions have direct consequences.</strong> Some sample consequences are outlined below.
commGuidePara037 <strong>No Guilds, Public or Private, should be created for the purpose of attacking any group or individual</strong>. Creating such a Guild is grounds for an instant ban. Fight bad habits, not your fellow adventurers!
commGuidePara020A <strong>If you see a post or private message that you believe is in violation of the public space guidelines outlined above, or if you see a post or private message that concerns you or makes you uncomfortable, you can bring it to the attention of Moderators and Staff by clicking the flag icon to report it</strong>. A Staff member or Moderator will respond to the situation as soon as possible. Please note that intentionally reporting innocent posts is an infraction of these Guidelines (see below in "Infractions"). You can also contact the Mods by emailing <a href='' target='_blank'></a> You may want to do this if there are multiple problematic posts by the same person in different Guilds, or if the situation requires some explanation. You may contact us in your native language if that is easier for you: we may have to use Google Translate, but we want you to feel comfortable about contacting us if you have a problem.
commGuidePara060 <strong>If your infraction has a moderate or severe consequence, there will be a post from a staff member or moderator in the forum in which the infraction occurred explaining</strong>:
commGuideList02J <strong>Do not spam</strong>. Spamming may include, but is not limited to: posting the same comment or query in multiple places, <strong>posting links without explanation or context</strong>, posting nonsensical messages, posting multiple promotional messages about a Guild, Party or Challenge, or posting many messages in a row. If people clicking on a link will result in any benefit to you, you need to disclose that in the text of your message or that will also be considered spam. Mods may decide what constitutes spam at their discretion.
commGuidePara038 <strong>All Tavern Challenges and Public Guild Challenges must comply with these rules as well</strong>.
commGuidePara014 Staff and Moderators Emeritus:
commGuidePara067 So there you have it, brave Habitican -- the Community Guidelines! Wipe that sweat off of your brow and give yourself some XP for reading it all. If you have any questions or concerns about these Community Guidelines, please reach out to us via <a href='' target='_blank'></a> and we will be happy to help clarify things.
commGuidePara057A Some posts may be hidden because they contain sensitive information or might give people the wrong idea. Typically this does not count as an infraction, particularly not the first time it happens!
commGuideList10A Restricted public and/or private chat privileges