Key English Chinese (Traditional)
categoiresRequired One or more categories must be selected 必須選擇一種以上的類別
challengeNamePlaceholder What is your Challenge name? 您想要的挑戰名稱是?
noChallengeTitle You don't have any Challenges. 您沒有任何挑戰。
cantAfford You can't afford this prize. Purchase more gems or lower the prize amount. 您無法支付此獎項。請購買更多的寶石,或降低獎勵數量。
noChallengeMatchFilters We couldn't find any matching Challenges. 我們無法找到任何符合的挑戰。
myChallenges My Challenges 我的挑戰
prize Prize 戰利品
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access. 找不到挑戰或您沒有管理員權限。
challenge Challenge 挑戰
challenges Challenges 挑戰
challengeDescription Challenge Description 挑戰介紹
challengeCreated Challenge created 挑戰已建立
challengeDetails Challenges are community events in which players compete and earn prizes by completing a group of related tasks. 挑戰是一種社群活動,玩家可以透過完成一系列的相關任務來參與競爭並贏得獎勵。
onlyChalLeaderEditTasks Tasks belonging to a challenge can only be edited by the leader. 挑戰裡的任務只有會長才能編輯。
challengeSummaryPlaceholder Write a short description advertising your Challenge to other Habiticans. What is the main purpose of your Challenge and why should people join it? Try to include useful keywords in the description so that Habiticans can easily find it when they search! 撰寫簡短的說明來向其他Habitica玩家宣傳您的挑戰。您的挑戰主要目標為何?為什麼大家會想參加?試著在說明欄位中加入有用的關鍵字,讓Habitica玩家能在搜尋時輕鬆找到!
ownership Ownership 擁有者
addTask Add Task 新增任務
createChallengeAddTasks Add Challenge Tasks 新增挑戰任務
challengeGuild Add to 新增至
updateChallenge Update Challenge 更新挑戰