Key English Chinese (Traditional)
exportChallengeCsv Export Challenge 匯出挑戰
joinChallenge Join Challenge 參加挑戰
participating Participating 參與中
membership Membership 參與狀態
participantsTitle Participants 參與者
cantOnlyUnlinkChalTask Only broken challenges tasks can be unlinked. 只有壞損的挑戰才可以被斷開連結。
onlyLeaderDeleteChal Only the challenge leader can delete it. 只有挑戰建立者才可以刪除此挑戰。
onlyLeaderUpdateChal Only the challenge leader can update it. 只有挑戰建立者才可以更新此挑戰。
onlyGroupLeaderChal Only the group leader can create challenges 只有會長可以建立挑戰
groups Groups 團體
challengeMemberNotFound User not found among challenge's members 在挑戰成員中找不到玩家
hurray Hurray! 太好了!
owned Owned 已擁有的
createChallenge Create Challenge 建立挑戰
createdBy Created By 建立者
selectChallengeWinnersDescription Select a winner from the Challenge participants 從挑戰的參與者中選出一名贏家
descriptionRequired Description is required 必須填寫介紹
nameRequired Name is required 必須填寫名稱
locationRequired Location of challenge is required ('Add to') 必須填寫挑戰所在位置(「新增至」)
summaryRequired Summary is required 必須填寫簡介