Key English Chinese (Traditional)
createChallengeCloneTasks Clone Challenge Tasks 複製挑戰任務
createChallenge Create Challenge 建立挑戰
createdBy Created By 建立者
deleteChallenge Delete Challenge 刪除挑戰
descriptionRequired Description is required 必須填寫介紹
findChallenges Discover Challenges 發掘挑戰
doYouWantedToDeleteChallenge Do you want to delete this Challenge? 要刪除此挑戰嗎?
confirmKeepChallengeTasks Do you want to keep challenge tasks? 你想要保留挑戰任務嗎?
editChallenge Edit Challenge 編輯挑戰
editingChallenge Editing Challenge 編輯挑戰
endChallenge End Challenge 結束挑戰
endDate Ends 結束
exportChallengeCsv Export Challenge 匯出挑戰
filter Filter 篩選
filters Filters 過濾器
challengeDescription2 Find recommended Challenges based on your interests, browse Habitica's public Challenges, or create your own Challenges. 依據您的興趣尋找推薦的挑戰,瀏覽Habitica的公開挑戰或建立自己的挑戰。
groups Groups 團體
hurray Hurray! 太好了!
join Join 加入
joinChallenge Join Challenge 參加挑戰