Key English Chinese (Traditional)
challengeMinimum Minimum 1 Gem for public Challenges (helps prevent spam, it really does). 公開挑戰至少需要1個寶石作為獎勵(防止濫發)。
challengeNamePlaceholder What is your Challenge name? 您想要的挑戰名稱是?
challengeNotFound Challenge not found or you don't have access. 找不到挑戰或您沒有管理員權限。
challenges Challenges 挑戰
challengeSummary Summary 簡介
challengeSummaryPlaceholder Write a short description advertising your Challenge to other Habiticans. What is the main purpose of your Challenge and why should people join it? Try to include useful keywords in the description so that Habiticans can easily find it when they search! 撰寫簡短的說明來向其他Habitica玩家宣傳您的挑戰。您的挑戰主要目標為何?為什麼大家會想參加?試著在說明欄位中加入有用的關鍵字,讓Habitica玩家能在搜尋時輕鬆找到!
challengeTag Tag Name 標籤名稱
clone Clone 複製
confirmKeepChallengeTasks Do you want to keep challenge tasks? 你想要保留挑戰任務嗎?
createChallenge Create Challenge 建立挑戰
createChallengeAddTasks Add Challenge Tasks 新增挑戰任務
createChallengeCloneTasks Clone Challenge Tasks 複製挑戰任務
createdBy Created By 建立者
deleteChallenge Delete Challenge 刪除挑戰
descriptionRequired Description is required 必須填寫介紹
doYouWantedToDeleteChallenge Do you want to delete this Challenge? 要刪除此挑戰嗎?
editChallenge Edit Challenge 編輯挑戰
editingChallenge Editing Challenge 編輯挑戰
endChallenge End Challenge 結束挑戰
endDate Ends 結束