Key English Chinese (Traditional)
challengeIdRequired "challengeId" must be a valid UUID. 「challengeId」必須是有效的UUID。
wonChallengeDesc <%= challengeName %> selected you as the winner! Your win has been recorded in your Achievements. <%= challengeName %> 選擇您作為獲勝者!您的勝利已記錄在您的成就中。
officialChallenge Official Habitica Challenge Habitica官方挑戰
participants <%= membercount %> Participants <%= membercount %>個參與者
winnerIdRequired "winnerId" must be a valid UUID. 「winnerId」必須是一個有效的UUID。
confirmKeepChallengeTasks Do you want to keep challenge tasks? 你想要保留挑戰任務嗎?
sureDelCha Are you sure you want to delete this challenge? 你確定要收回挑戰嗎?
joinedChallengeText This user put themselves to the test by joining a Challenge! 使用者參加挑戰讓自己接受考驗!
challengeDescription2 Find recommended Challenges based on your interests, browse Habitica's public Challenges, or create your own Challenges. 依據您的興趣尋找推薦的挑戰,瀏覽Habitica的公開挑戰或建立自己的挑戰。
keepIt Keep It 保留
keepTasks Keep Tasks 保留任務
publicChallengesTitle Public Challenges 公開挑戰
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges. 公開挑戰的獎品至少要有1個寶石。
challengeMinimum Minimum 1 Gem for public Challenges (helps prevent spam, it really does). 公開挑戰至少需要1個寶石作為獎勵(防止濫發)。
challengeDescriptionPlaceholder Use this section to go into more detail about everything that Challenge participants should know about your Challenge. 利用此區域為挑戰參與者說明更多該了解的挑戰相關資訊。
removeIt Remove It 刪除
removeTasks Remove Tasks 刪除任務
deleteChallenge Delete Challenge 刪除挑戰
join Join 加入
joinedChallenge Joined a Challenge 加入了挑戰