Key English Chinese (Traditional)
addTask Add Task 新增任務
awardWinners Award Winner 獎勵贏家
brokenChaLink Broken Challenge Link 無效的挑戰連結
brokenChallenge Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but the challenge (or group) has been deleted. What to do with the orphan tasks? 無效的挑戰連結:這項任務本來是一個挑戰的一部分,但是該挑戰(或隊伍)已經被刪除了。你想怎麼處置這項任務?
brokenTask Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but has been removed from it. What would you like to do? 無效的挑戰連結:這項任務本來是一個挑戰的一部份,但是此任務已從該挑戰中移除了。你想怎樣做?
by by 發起自
cantAfford You can't afford this prize. Purchase more gems or lower the prize amount. 您無法支付此獎項。請購買更多的寶石,或降低獎勵數量。
cantOnlyUnlinkChalTask Only broken challenges tasks can be unlinked. 只有壞損的挑戰才可以被斷開連結。
categoiresRequired One or more categories must be selected 必須選擇一種以上的類別
category Category 類別
challenge Challenge 挑戰
challengeCompleted This challenge has been completed, and the winner was <span class="badge"><%- user %></span>! What to do with the orphan tasks? 這個挑戰已完成,贏家是<span class=\"badge\"><%- user %></span>!你想怎麼處置這項任務?
challengeCreated Challenge created 挑戰已建立
challengeDescription Challenge Description 挑戰介紹
challengeDescription2 Find recommended Challenges based on your interests, browse Habitica's public Challenges, or create your own Challenges. 依據您的興趣尋找推薦的挑戰,瀏覽Habitica的公開挑戰或建立自己的挑戰。
challengeDescriptionPlaceholder Use this section to go into more detail about everything that Challenge participants should know about your Challenge. 利用此區域為挑戰參與者說明更多該了解的挑戰相關資訊。
challengeDetails Challenges are community events in which players compete and earn prizes by completing a group of related tasks. 挑戰是一種社群活動,玩家可以透過完成一系列的相關任務來參與競爭並贏得獎勵。
challengeGuild Add to 新增至
challengeIdRequired "challengeId" must be a valid UUID. 「challengeId」必須是有效的UUID。
challengeMemberNotFound User not found among challenge's members 在挑戰成員中找不到玩家