Key English Chinese (Traditional)
category Category 類別
leaveChallenge Leave Challenge 離開挑戰
selectMember Select Member 選擇成員
selectParticipant Select a Participant 選擇一名參與者
selectWinner Select a winner and close the challenge: 選一位贏家然後結束挑戰:
filters Filters 過濾器
challengeCompleted This challenge has been completed, and the winner was <span class="badge"><%- user %></span>! What to do with the orphan tasks? 這個挑戰已完成,贏家是<span class=\"badge\"><%- user %></span>!你想怎麼處置這項任務?
loadMore Load More 讀取更多
shortNamePlaceholder What short tag should be used to identify your Challenge? 該用什麼簡短標籤來識別您的挑戰?
doYouWantedToDeleteChallenge Do you want to delete this Challenge? 要刪除此挑戰嗎?
createChallengeCloneTasks Clone Challenge Tasks 複製挑戰任務
clone Clone 複製
editChallenge Edit Challenge 編輯挑戰
editingChallenge Editing Challenge 編輯挑戰
endChallenge End Challenge 結束挑戰
endDate Ends 結束
shortName Short Name 簡短名稱
summaryTooLong Summary is too long 簡介太長
challengeSummary Summary 簡介
filter Filter 篩選