Key English Chinese (Traditional)
yourReward Your Reward 獎勵
wonChallengeDesc <%= challengeName %> selected you as the winner! Your win has been recorded in your Achievements. <%= challengeName %> 選擇您作為獲勝者!您的勝利已記錄在您的成就中。
winnerNotFound Winner with id "<%= userId %>" not found or not part of the challenge. 獲勝者中找不到使用者ID(UUID)為"<%= userId %>"的玩家或者不是該挑戰的一份子。
winnerIdRequired "winnerId" must be a valid UUID. 「winnerId」必須是一個有效的UUID。
viewProgressOf View Progress Of 查看進度
viewProgress View Progress 查看進度
userAlreadyInChallenge User is already participating in this challenge. 此用戶已加入此挑戰。
updateChallenge Update Challenge 更新挑戰
unsubChallenge Broken Challenge Link: this task was part of a challenge, but you have unsubscribed from the challenge. What to do with the orphan tasks? 無效的挑戰連結:這項任務本來是一個挑戰的一部分,可是你已經取消訂閱該挑戰了。你想怎麼處置這項任務?
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges. 公開挑戰的獎品至少要有1個寶石。
tagTooShort Tag name is too short 標籤名稱太短
sureDelCha Are you sure you want to delete this challenge? 你確定要收回挑戰嗎?
summaryTooLong Summary is too long 簡介太長
summaryRequired Summary is required 必須填寫簡介
shortNamePlaceholder What short tag should be used to identify your Challenge? 該用什麼簡短標籤來識別您的挑戰?
shortName Short Name 簡短名稱
selectWinner Select a winner and close the challenge: 選一位贏家然後結束挑戰:
selectParticipant Select a Participant 選擇一名參與者
selectMember Select Member 選擇成員
selectChallengeWinnersDescription Select a winner from the Challenge participants 從挑戰的參與者中選出一名贏家