Key English Chinese (Traditional)
haveNoChallenges This group has no Challenges 此群組尚未擁有任何挑戰
loadMore Load More 讀取更多
exportChallengeCsv Export Challenge 匯出挑戰
editingChallenge Editing Challenge 編輯挑戰
nameRequired Name is required 必須填寫名稱
tagTooShort Tag name is too short 標籤名稱太短
summaryRequired Summary is required 必須填寫簡介
summaryTooLong Summary is too long 簡介太長
descriptionRequired Description is required 必須填寫介紹
locationRequired Location of challenge is required ('Add to') 必須填寫挑戰所在位置(「新增至」)
categoiresRequired One or more categories must be selected 必須選擇一種以上的類別
viewProgressOf View Progress Of 查看進度
viewProgress View Progress 查看進度
selectMember Select Member 選擇成員
confirmKeepChallengeTasks Do you want to keep challenge tasks? 你想要保留挑戰任務嗎?
selectParticipant Select a Participant 選擇一名參與者
yourReward Your Reward 獎勵
wonChallengeDesc <%= challengeName %> selected you as the winner! Your win has been recorded in your Achievements. <%= challengeName %> 選擇您作為獲勝者!您的勝利已記錄在您的成就中。