Key English English (United Kingdom)
addPasswordAuth Add Password
adjustment Adjustment
bannedSlurUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained a slur, and your chat privileges have been revoked.
bannedWordUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained inappropriate language.
dayStartAdjustment Day Start Adjustment
everywhere Everywhere
gemCap Gem Cap
gemTransactions Gem Transactions
giftSubscriptionRateText <strong>$<%= price %> USD</strong> for <strong><%= months %> months</strong>
hourglassTransactions Hourglass Transactions
mentioning Mentioning
nextHourglass Next Hourglass
nextHourglassDescription Subscribers receive Mystic Hourglasses within
the first three days of the month.
noGemTransactions You don't have any gem transactions yet.
noHourglassTransactions You don't have any hourglass transactions yet.
onlyPrivateSpaces Only in private spaces
passwordSuccess Password successfully changed
suggestMyUsername Suggest my username
transaction_admin_update_balance Admin given
transaction_buy_gold Bought with gold