Key English Chinese (Simplified)
chatQuestCancelled <%= username %> cancelled the party quest <%= questName %>. <%= username %>取消了队伍副本<%= questName %>。
chatQuestStarted Your quest, <%= questName %>, has started. 你们的副本<%= questName %>已经开始啦。
collect Collect 收集
collected Collected 已收集
completed Completed! 完成了!
declined Declined 已拒绝
goldQuests Masterclasser Quest Lines 大师鉴别者副本线
guildQuestsNotSupported Guilds cannot be invited on quests. 公会不能被邀请参加副本。
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests 魔法孵化药水副本
invitations Invitations 邀请
invitedToQuest You were invited to the Quest <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span> 你受邀参与副本<span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span>
inviteParty Invite Party to Quest 邀请队伍参加副本
leaveQuest Leave Quest 放弃副本
loginIncentiveQuest To unlock this quest, check in to Habitica on <%= count %> different days! 想得到这个副本?你还需要在Habitica历练<%= count %>天才有资格哦!
loginReward <%= count %> Check-ins <%= count %>次签到
membersParticipating <%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> Members participating <%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> 队员已加入
mustComplete You must first complete <%= quest %>. 你要先完成<%= quest %>。
mustLvlQuest You must be level <%= level %> to buy this quest! 你需要达到第<%= level %>级才能买这个副本!
newItem New Item 新物品
noActiveQuestToAbort There is no active quest to abort. 没有可放弃的进行中副本。