Key English Chinese (Simplified)
quests Quests 副本
quest quest 副本
petQuests Pet and Mount Quests 宠物和坐骑副本
unlockableQuests Unlockable Quests 未解锁的副本
goldQuests Masterclasser Quest Lines 大师鉴别者副本线
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests 魔法孵化药水副本
questDetails Quest Details 副本详情
questDetailsTitle Quest Details 副本详情
questDescription Quests allow players to focus on long-term, in-game goals with the members of their party. 副本能够让玩家和队伍成员一起专注于游戏中的长期目标。
invitations Invitations 邀请
completed Completed! 完成了!
rewardsAllParticipants Rewards for all Quest Participants 副本参与奖励
rewardsQuestOwner Additional Rewards for Quest Owner 副本拥有者的额外奖励
inviteParty Invite Party to Quest 邀请队伍参加副本
questInvitation Quest Invitation: 副本邀请:
questInvitationNotificationInfo You were invited to join a quest 您受邀参与副本
invitedToQuest You were invited to the Quest <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span> 你受邀参与副本<span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span>
askLater Ask Later 稍后再问
buyQuest Buy Quest 购买副本
accepted Accepted 已接受