Key English Chinese (Simplified)
chatBossDontAttack <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> does not attack, because it respects the fact that there are some bugs post-maintenance, and it doesn't want to hurt anyone unfairly. It will continue its rampage soon! <%= username %>对<%= bossName %>造成了<%= userDamage %>点伤害。<%= bossName %>没有反击,因为它考虑到目前有些需要修复的错误,而不想不公平地伤害到任何人。但很快它将继续横冲直撞!
chatBossDefeated You defeated <%= bossName %>! Questing party members receive the rewards of victory. 你们打败了<%= bossName %>!参与副本的成员获得了战利品。
chatFindItems <%= username %> found <%= items %>. <%= username %>找到了<%= items %>。
chatItemQuestFinish All items found! Party has received their rewards. 所有的物品都被找到啦!队伍因此获得了奖励。
chatQuestAborted <%= username %> aborted the party quest <%= questName %>. <%= username %>放弃了队伍副本<%= questName %>。
chatQuestCancelled <%= username %> cancelled the party quest <%= questName %>. <%= username %>取消了队伍副本<%= questName %>。
tavernBossTired <%= bossName %> tries to unleash <%= rageName %> but is too tired. <%= bossName %>想释放<%= rageName %>但它太累了。
ownerOnly Owner only 仅限所有者
newItem New Item 新物品
selectQuestModal Select a Quest 选择一个副本
yourQuests Your Quests 你的副本
backToSelection Back to Quest selection 返回到副本选择
cancelQuest Cancel Quest 取消副本
questOwner Quest Owner 副本所有者