Key English Chinese (Simplified)
declined Declined 已拒绝
rejected Rejected 已拒绝
pending Pending 等待中
questCollection + <%= val %> quest item(s) found 找到+<%= val %>个副本物品
questItemsPending <%= amount %> Items pending <%= amount %> 个待收集物品
bossDamage You damaged the boss! 你伤害了Boss!
begin Begin 开始
bossHP Boss HP Boss生命值
bossStrength Boss Strength Boss攻击力
rage Rage 怒气值
collect Collect 收集
collected Collected 已收集
abort Abort 舍弃
leaveQuest Leave Quest 放弃副本
sureLeave Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? All your progress will be lost. 你确定要离开副本吗?你的副本进程将丢失。
sureLeaveInactive Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? You won't be able to participate. 你确定要离开副本吗?你将不能再次加入该副本。
mustComplete You must first complete <%= quest %>. 你要先完成<%= quest %>。
mustLvlQuest You must be level <%= level %> to buy this quest! 你需要达到第<%= level %>级才能买这个副本!
unlockByQuesting To unlock this quest, complete <%= title %>. 为了解锁这个副本,请先完成<%= title %>。
questConfirm Are you sure you want to start this Quest? Not all Party members have accepted the Quest invite. Quests start automatically after all members respond to the invite. 你确定要开启这个副本吗?不是所有队员都接受了该副本邀请。当所有的成员都参加了副本,副本将会自动开启。