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needTips Need some tips on how to begin? Here's a straightforward guide!
step1 Step 1: Enter Tasks
webStep1Text Habitica is nothing without real-world goals, so enter a few tasks. You can add more later as you think of them! All tasks can be added by clicking the green "Create" button.
* **Set up [To Do's](** Enter tasks you do once or rarely in the To Do's column, one at a time. You can click on the tasks to edit them and add checklists, due dates, and more!
* **Set up [Dailies](** Enter activities you need to do daily or on a particular day of the week, month, or year in the Dailies column. Click task to edit when it will be due and/or set a start date. You can also make it due on a repeating basis, for example, every 3 days.
* **Set up [Habits](** Enter habits you want to establish in the Habits column. You can edit the Habit to change it to just a good habit :heavy_plus_sign: or a bad habit :heavy_minus_sign:
* **Set up [Rewards](** In addition to the in-game Rewards offered, add activities or treats which you want to use as a motivation to the Rewards column. It's important to give yourself a break or allow some indulgence in moderation!
* If you need inspiration for which tasks to add, you can look at the wiki's pages on [Sample Habits](, [Sample Dailies](, [Sample To Do's](, and [Sample Rewards](
step2 Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things in Real Life
webStep2Text Now, start tackling your goals from the list! As you complete tasks and check them off in Habitica, you will gain [Experience](, which helps you level up, and [Gold](, which allows you to purchase Rewards. If you fall into bad habits or miss your Dailies, you will lose [Health]( In that way, the Habitica Experience and Health bars serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals. You'll start seeing your real life improve as your character advances in the game.
step3 Step 3: Customize and Explore Habitica
webStep3Text Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get even more out of Habitica with these nifty features:
* Organize your Tasks with [tags]( (edit a Task to add them).
* Customize your [Avatar]( by clicking the user icon in the upper-right corner.
* Buy your [Equipment]( under Rewards or from the [Shops](<%= shopUrl %>), and change it under [Inventory > Equipment](<%= equipUrl %>).
* Connect with other users via the [Tavern](
* Hatch [Pets]( by collecting [Eggs]( and [Hatching Potions]( [Feed]( them to create [Mounts](
* At level 10: Choose a particular [Class]( and then use Class-specific [skills]( (levels 11 to 14).
* Form a Party with your friends (by clicking [Party](<%= partyUrl %>) in the navigation bar) to stay accountable and earn a Quest scroll.
* Defeat monsters and collect objects on [Quests]( (you will be given a quest at level 15).
overviewQuestions Have questions? Check out the [FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! If your question isn't mentioned there, you can ask for further help in the [Habitica Help guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>).

Good luck with your tasks!