Key English Chinese (Traditional)
npcAchievementName <%= key %> NPC <%= key %> NPC
npcAchievementText Backed the Kickstarter project at the maximum level! 對Kickstarter募資專案作出了最高級別的贊助!
welcomeTo Welcome to 歡迎來到
welcomeBack Welcome back! 歡迎回來!
justin Justin Justin
justinIntroMessage1 Hello there! You must be new here. My name is <strong>Justin</strong>, and I'll be your guide in Habitica. 你好!你是新來的吧?我叫<strong>Justin</strong>,將會是你在Habitica裡的導遊。
justinIntroMessage3 Great! Now, what are you interested in working on throughout this journey? 太棒了!請問,在這趟旅途中你會對什麼有興趣?
justinIntroMessageUsername Before we begin, let’s figure out what to call you. Below you’ll find a display name and username I’ve generated for you. After you’ve picked a display name and username, we’ll get started by creating an avatar! 在開始之前,我們先看看怎麼稱呼你吧。下面我為你產生了顯示名稱和帳號名稱。你選好以後,我們就可以開始塑造你的角色了!
justinIntroMessageAppearance So how would you like to look? Don’t worry, you can change this later. 那麼你想要你的角色看來如何?不用擔心,你以後還能再作改動。
introTour Here we are! I've filled out some Tasks for you based on your interests, so you can get started right away. Click a Task to edit or add new Tasks to fit your routine! 歡迎來到Habitica!我已經根據您的興趣先為您新增了一些任務,讓您可以快速上手。請點擊任務以進行編輯,或者您也可以因應日常生活中的事項新增一些任務!
prev Prev 往前
next Next 下一頁
randomize Randomize 隨機
mattBoch Matt Boch Matt Boch
mattBochText1 Welcome to the Stable! I’m Matt, the beastmaster. Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg or a Hatching Potion to hatch Pets. When you hatch a Pet, it will appear here! Click a Pet's image to add it to your Avatar. Feed them with the Pet Food you find, and they'll grow into hardy Mounts. 歡迎來到馬厩!我是Matt,馴獸師。每當你完成任務,你會有機會獲得寵物蛋和孵化藥水,以此來孵化寵物。當你在市場上購買了寵物蛋,它會出現在這裡!點擊一隻寵物,它會顯示在你的角色形像中。如果你餵牠們你找的寵物食品,它們就會成長為更有力量的坐騎。
welcomeToTavern Welcome to The Tavern! 歡迎來到酒館!
sleepDescription Need a break? Check into Daniel's Inn to pause some of Habitica's more difficult game mechanics: 需要休息一會兒?在Daniel的酒館登記住宿將暫停Habitica一些較為艱難的遊戲機制:
pauseDailies Pause Damage 入住酒館
unpauseDailies Unpause Damage 離開酒館