Key English Chinese (Traditional)
sleepBullet3 Bosses won't do damage for your own missed Dailies Boss 不會因為你自己未完成的任務造成傷害
sleepBullet4 Your boss damage or collection Quest items will stay pending until check-out 您對boss造成的傷害或收集到的副本道具將維持直到退房離開
pauseDailies Pause Damage 入住酒館
unpauseDailies Unpause Damage 離開酒館
staffAndModerators Staff and Moderators 員工和管理員
communityGuidelinesIntro Habitica tries to create a welcoming environment for users of all ages and backgrounds, especially in public spaces like the Tavern. If you have any questions, please consult our <a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>Community Guidelines</a>. Habitica試著創造對所有年齡和背景的使用者而言都感到歡迎的環境,特別是在像酒館之類的公共空間。如果你有任何問題,請查閱我們的<a href='/static/community-guidelines' target='_blank'>社群守則</a>。
acceptCommunityGuidelines I agree to follow the Community Guidelines 我願意遵守社群守則
worldBossEvent World Boss Event 世界Boss事件
worldBossDescription World Boss Description 世界Boss介紹
welcomeMarketMobile Welcome to the Market! Buy hard-to-find eggs and potions! Come see what we have to offer. 歡迎來到市場!在這裡買少見的蛋和藥水!來瞧瞧我們能為你提供什麼。
howManyToSell How many would you like to sell? 你想要販售多少?
yourBalance Your balance: 你的餘額:
sell Sell 販售
buyNow Buy Now 立刻購買
sortByNumber Number 編號
featuredItems Featured Items! 精選商品!
hideLocked Hide locked 隱藏未解鎖
hidePinned Hide pinned 隱藏釘選
hideMissing Hide Missing 隱藏未發現
amountExperience <%= amount %> Experience <%= amount %>經驗值