Key English Croatian
messageDropEgg You've found a <%= dropText %> Egg! Našao/la si Jaje <%= dropText %>!
messageDropFood You've found <%= dropText %>! Našao/la si <%= dropText %>!
messageDropPotion You've found a <%= dropText %> Hatching Potion! Našao/la si čarobni napitak za izlijeganje <%= dropText %>!
messageBought Bought <%= itemText %> Kupio/la si <%= itemText %>
messageUnEquipped <%= itemText %> unequipped. <%= itemText %> je uklonjen.
unallocatedStatsPoints You have <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= points %> unallocated Stat Points</span> Imaš <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= points %> neraspodijeljenih Statističkih bodova</span>
armoireEquipment <%= image %> You found a piece of rare Equipment in the Armoire: <%= dropText %>! Awesome! <%= image %> Pronašao/la si komad rijetke Opreme u Ormaru: <%= dropText %>! Zakon!
armoireFood <%= image %> You rummage in the Armoire and find <%= dropText %>. What's that doing in here? <%= image %> Pretražuješ po Ormaru i nađeš <%= dropText %>. Što to radi tu?
armoireExp You wrestle with the Armoire and gain Experience. Take that! Hrvaš se s Ormarom i dobivaš na Iskustvu. Neka mu!
messageFoodNotFound :food not found in :food nije pronađena među
messageDontEnjoyFood <%= egg %> eats <%= foodText %> but doesn't seem to enjoy it. <%= egg %> jede <%= foodText %>, ali mu se baš ne sviđa.
messageLikesFood <%= egg %> really likes <%= foodText %>! <%= egg %> jako voli <%= foodText %>!
reportedMessage You have reported this message to moderators.
canDeleteNow You can now delete the message if you wish.
beginningOfConversationReminder Remember to be kind, respectful, and follow the Community Guidelines!
newsPostNotFound News Post not found or you don't have access.
messageBattleGearUnEquipped Battle Gear unequipped.
messageCostumeUnEquipped Costume unequipped.
messagePetMountUnEquipped Pet and Mount unequipped.
messageBackgroundUnEquipped Background unequipped.