Key English Chinese (Simplified)
innCheckOutBanner You are currently checked into the Inn. Your Dailies won't damage you and you won't make progress towards Quests. 你已入住客栈。未完成的每日任务不会对你造成伤害,但已完成的任务也不会帮你在副本中取得进展。
usernameOrUserId Enter @username or User ID 请输入 @用户名 或者 用户ID
chatPrivilegesRevoked You cannot do this because your chat privileges have been removed. For details or to ask if your privileges can be returned, please email our Community Manager at or ask your parent or guardian to email them. Please include your @Username in the email. If a moderator has already told you that your chat ban is temporary, you do not need to send an email. 您无法执行此操作,因为您的聊天权限已被删除。有关详细信息或询问是否可以解冻您的权限,请给我们的社区管理员发送电子邮件至,或请您的父母或监护人通过电子邮件发送给他们。请在电子邮件中附上您的@用户名。如果版主已经告诉您您的聊天禁令是暂时的,则无需发送电子邮件。
upgradeToGroup Upgrade to Group 升级为团队
inGameBenefitsDesc Group members get an exclusive Jackalope Mount, as well as full subscription benefits, including special monthly equipment sets and the ability to buy gems with gold. 小组成员可获得独家的鹿角兔坐骑以及全套订阅优惠,包括特殊的月度订阅者装备套装和使用金币购买宝石的权利。
whatsIncludedGroup What's included in the subscription 订阅包括哪些内容
whatsIncludedGroupDesc All members of the Group receive full subscription benefits, including the monthly subscriber items, the ability to buy Gems with Gold, and the Royal Purple Jackalope mount, which is exclusive to users with a Group Plan membership. 本团队所有成员均可获得完整的订阅福利,包括每月订阅者赠品,使用金币购买宝石的能力以及紫御鹿角兔坐骑,这些是拥有团队计划会员资格的用户所专有的。
suggestedGroup Suggested because you’re new to Habitica. 嘿,新来的Habitica居民,给你推荐这个公会。