Key English Chinese (Simplified)
tavern Tavern Chat 在酒馆里闲谈
tavernChat Tavern Chat 酒馆
innCheckOutBanner You are currently checked into the Inn. Your Dailies won't damage you and you won't make progress towards Quests. 你已入住客栈。未完成的每日任务不会对你造成伤害,但已完成的任务也不会帮你在副本中取得进展。
innCheckOutBannerShort You are checked into the Inn. 你现在入住了酒馆。
resumeDamage Resume Damage 继续伤害
helpfulLinks Helpful Links 有帮助的链接
lookingForGroup Looking for Group (Party Wanted) Posts 寻找小组(队伍招募)帖
dataDisplayTool Data Display Tool 数据展示工具
requestFeature Request a Feature 请求新功能
askQuestionGuild Ask a Question (Habitica Help guild) 请教问题(Habitica帮助公会)
contributing Contributing 作出贡献
faq FAQ 常见问题
tutorial Tutorial 教学
glossary <a target='_blank' href=''>Glossary</a> <a target='_blank' href=''>词汇表</a>
wiki Wiki 维基
resources Resources 资源
communityGuidelines Community Guidelines 社区准则
bannedWordUsed Oops! Looks like this post contains a swearword or reference to an addictive substance or adult topic (<%= swearWordsUsed %>). Habitica keeps our chat very clean. Feel free to edit your message so you can post it! You must remove the word, not just censor it. 哎呀!这篇帖子似乎包含一个脏话或涉及成瘾物质和成人话题(<%=swearWordsUsed%>)。Habitica致力于营造干净的聊天环境,发布信息之前,请将其修改的更友善!同时您必须删除这个词,而不仅仅是审查它。
bannedSlurUsed Your post contained inappropriate language, and your chat privileges have been revoked. 您的帖子包含不合适的语言,您的聊天权限已被取消。
party Party 队伍