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features Features
leaveGuild Leave Guild
editParty Edit Party
editGuild Edit Guild
joinParty Join Party
joinGuild Join Guild
PMDisabled Disable Private Messages
PMCanNotReply You can not reply to this conversation
PMUserDoesNotReceiveMessages This user is no longer receiving private messages
PMUnblockUserToSendMessages Unblock this user to continue sending and receiving messages.
blockYourself You cannot block yourself
blockedToSendToThisUser You can't send to this player because you have blocked this player.
pmReported Thank you for reporting this message.
copyMessageAsToDo Copy message as To Do Kopiraj poruku kao Zadatak
copyAsTodo Copy as To Do Kopiraj kao Zadatak
messageAddedAsToDo Message copied as To Do. Poruka je kopirana kao Zadatak.
sendGift Send a Gift Pošalji poklon
selectGift Select Gift
selectSubscription Select Subscription