Key English Croatian
messagePartyLeader Message Party Leader
newPartyPlaceholder Enter your party's name.
onlyPrivateGuildsCanUpgrade Only private guilds can be upgraded to a group plan.
PMCanNotReply You can not reply to this conversation
PMDisabled Disable Private Messages
pmReported Thank you for reporting this message.
PMUnblockUserToSendMessages Unblock this user to continue sending and receiving messages.
PMUserDoesNotReceiveMessages This user is no longer receiving private messages
selectGift Select Gift
selectSubscription Select Subscription
sendGiftToWhom Who would you like to send a gift to?
suggestedGroup Suggested because you’re new to Habitica.
taskClaimed <%- userName %> has claimed the task <span class="notification-bold"><%- taskText %></span>.
thisTaskApproved This task was approved
unassigned Unassigned
upgradeToGroup Upgrade to Group
usernameOrUserId Enter @username or User ID
userWithUsernameOrUserIdNotFound Username or User ID not found.
viewDetails View Details
youHaveBeenAssignedTask <%- managerName %> has assigned you the task <span class="notification-bold"><%- taskText %></span>.