Key English Croatian
assignedDateAndUser Assigned by <strong>@<%- username %></strong> on <strong><%= date %></strong>
assignedDateOnly Assigned on <strong><%= date %></strong>
bannedWordsAllowed Allow banned words
bannedWordsAllowedDetail With this option selected, the use of banned words in this guild will be allowed.
blockedToSendToThisUser You can't send to this player because you have blocked this player.
blockYourself You cannot block yourself
cannotRemoveQuestOwner You cannot remove the owner of the active quest. Abort the quest first.
chatTemporarilyUnavailable Chat is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
chooseTeamMember Choose a team member
claimRewards Claim Rewards
editGuild Edit Guild
editParty Edit Party
features Features
giftMessageTooLong The maximum length for gift messages is <%= maxGiftMessageLength %>.
groupActivityNotificationTitle <%= user %> posted in <%= group %>
invitedToThisQuest You were invited to this Quest!
joinGuild Join Guild
joinParty Join Party
languageSettings Language Settings
leaveGuild Leave Guild