Key English Chinese (Simplified)
potionText Health Potion 治疗药水
potionNotes Recover 15 Health (Instant Use) 回复15点生命值 (立即生效)
armoireText Enchanted Armoire 魔法衣橱
armoireNotesFull Open the Armoire to randomly receive special Equipment, Experience, or food! Equipment pieces remaining: 拉开魔法衣橱来获得随机的特殊装备,经验或者食物!剩余的装备:
armoireLastItem You've found the last piece of rare Equipment in the Enchanted Armoire. 您在魔法衣橱里找到了最后一件 稀有装备。
armoireNotesEmpty The Armoire will have new Equipment in the first week of every month. Until then, keep clicking for Experience and Pet Food! 衣橱在每个月的第一个星期都有装备上新。在此之前,点击魔法衣橱也将会获得经验和宠物食物!
dropEggWolfText Wolf
dropEggWolfMountText Wolf
dropEggWolfAdjective a loyal 一只忠诚的
dropEggTigerCubText Tiger Cub 老虎幼崽
dropEggTigerCubMountText Tiger 老虎
dropEggTigerCubAdjective a fierce 一只凶猛的
dropEggPandaCubText Panda Cub 熊猫幼崽
dropEggPandaCubMountText Panda 熊猫
dropEggPandaCubAdjective a gentle 一只温顺的
dropEggLionCubText Lion Cub 小狮子
dropEggLionCubMountText Lion 狮子
dropEggLionCubAdjective a regal 一只威严的
dropEggFoxText Fox 狐狸
dropEggFoxMountText Fox 狐狸